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We are a consortium of independent and in-house consultants operating internationally.

Principal and senior consultants have CEO or Executive/Senior Management experience and a minimum of five years corporate and organisation consulting experience.

All of our consultants share common values and contribute to the pool of our experience.

Our purpose is to provide clients with direct access and active involvement with principal and senior consultants throughout every assignment.

Larkin and Kaye Consulting Services, the founders of Consultgroup, commenced business in 1993. Consultgroup was established in 2001 to broaden our skill set especially in corporate governance, human relations management and executive recruitment.

Our Experience

Our senior professional consultants and project management facilitators have extensive and varied business experience in corporations, public sector and community enterprises.

Based on our initial and ongoing analysis we utilise facilitation, coaching and the introduction of specialist services and products to meet the clients expressed need.

Our organisation operates as a network in order to provide your company/organisation with:

Access senior consultants Ongoing direct access to senior consultants at all stages of the assignment or project
Access senior consultants Cost efficient fee structure
Access senior consultants Confidence that we will not be introducing unnecessary consultant and staff services

Our Values

  1. Innovation in process and outcomes

  2. Objectivity and honesty

  3. Timely intervention and completion

  4. Ongoing client feedback and accountability

  5. Informed, accurate and thorough

  6. Professional and appropriateness of presentation

  7. Transfer of learning to client

  8. Flexibility in pricing based on value of support provided & capacity to pay

  9. Post communication and follow up support

  10. Family and community development supportive

  11. Environmentally sensitive and responsible

  12. Gender equity

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