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Strategic Planning

Assistance is provided in facilitating the strategic and business planning process or specific sessions and activities in the process.

This service may include any of the following specific activities:

Design and planning process. Design of planning process
Design and planning process. Review of current company or organisation position
Design and planning process. Facilitating preliminary discussion and ideas generation sessions
Design and planning process. Engagement of stakeholders
Design and planning process. Facilitating board and management planning meetings and workshops
Design and planning process. Implementation support
Design and planning process. Review and monitoring assistance


Strategic Planning Process
for Business & Organisations


Stage 1
Information Gathering - Research & Identify
Market competition. Market competition. Market competition.
Market & Competitor
Political & Legislative
Social/Community Needs & Trends
Organisations Performance:
Services & Operational
Social & Ethical Accountability
Clients, Customers, Members
Staff, Agents & Volunteers


Information Obtained From:
  • Industry & Market Publications
  • Conferences & Forums
  • Management & Staff Questionaire
  • Review of Current/Past Plan
  • Director Observations
  • Social & Ethical Annual Report
  • Management Reports
  • Client Feedback
  • Key Supplier Feedback
  • Management Statistical Analysis
Market competition.
Stage 2
SWOT Analysis

Board - Management
Market competition.
Stage 3
Preliminary Board Planning Meeting


Further Research & Information Gathering
Market competition.
Stage 4
Key Planning Workshop

Vision & Values. Mission & Goals/KPI's Key Strategies/Drivers


Documentation of Draft Plan
Market competition.
Stage 5
Draft Business Plan

(including budget)
Design a strategic plan. Corporate strategies and planning.
Market competition.
Stage 6
Finalise Strategic Plan
Market competition.
Stage 7
Implementation of the Strategic Plan

Integrate the strategic plan of the boards monthly reporting and meetings. Basis for ongoing board and management decision making.

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